Access Virus C Waveforms & Wavetables

Audio Demo features all wavetables played on F#0


This pack provides authentic waveforms sampled from the Access Virus C and wavetables carefully and expertly crafted for modern synths.

This is great opportunity to expand your waveform & wavetable collection to enhance all your sound design options, whether your into Trance, Techno or any other genre that utilises synthesis this pack will help elevate your sound design. With these wavetables the creations are limitless and feature the characteristics of the Access Virus C synth. From lush pads and soundscapes to digital and distorted basses this pack has you covered.

So if you are looking for slice of classic hardware in your digital collection then look no further than the Access Virus C Waveforms and Wavetable collection.


Why would I need wavetables? 

Wavetable a great for sound designing due to their flexibility in tone and timbre. Just like a saw is different to a square 1 wavetable to another gives different starting point to spark new sound designing ideas.

What Synth’s will this work with?

Any synth that allows wavetable importing will work, each wavetable is a .wav 16bit. To note this pack has been tested with Vital, Serum and Node.



Included in this pack sampled from the Access Virus C:

  • 32 Waveforms
  • 4 Raw Waveforms
  • 20 Wavetables (created using Access Virus C waveforms)

Each pack in the collection features high quality crafted presets geared towards trance but are not limited to one music style. All presets feature full macro support for total control over your sound to best fit you workflow and tracks. The mod wheel controls the filter position which is great for preset hopping and testing the closed and open filter positions quickly.

Whether you are want to create music from scratch or simply take a single preset to finish your mix, my  Total Serum collection has you covered.