Progressive Trance | Cubase Project

Welcome to the Progressive Trance Cubase Project. Made completely in Cubase 12 using all stock plugins with exception to Vital (free synth) and Luftikus (free EQ). Everything you need to know about getting a clean structure and mix including my bus channel for kick and bass. You will always have a good starting point to help you understand progressive trance production and composition.

Each preset is suited to the style but can be transferred to other styles too.

With my Progressive Trance Cubase Project you will be able to deconstruct midi, plugin chains and presets used to build this template.

If you want a commercial licence for this project please get in touch with me via the contact page here:


Requirements for this Purchase:

  1. Cubase 12 (paid DAW)
  2. Vital (Free Synth)
  3. Luftikus (Free EQ)


Please Note: This template was built and tested in Cubase 12.0.52 (Build 393). It cannot be guaranteed this project will work with any other version of cubase before version 12.