Serum Trance Pads


Serum Trance Pads is a collection of 20 unique pads perfect for layering, creating atmosphere and engaging breakdowns. Each preset is carefully crafted to suit trance production but not limited to, with all preset being suitable for a wide variety of music styles.

My Serum trance pads preset pack gives you access to production quality presets to help breathe life into any mix. And with the ability to be layered easily you can build timbre and texture easily with each preset featuring 4 fully customised macro controls and mod wheel support. Whether you are a serial tweaker or a preset hopper these controls will help you make decisions quickly without the hassle of endless searching.


This pack includes:

  • 20 Trance Pads
  • 20 Midi Stems as featured in the audio demo


*Please Note*

This pack was built using Serum version v1.36b8, please ensure you have the latest version before purchasing this pack. I cannot guarantee this will work on versions prior to v1.36b8