Uplifting Trance Project Template

Uplifting Trance Template for the DAW of your choice which I include either Cubase, Logic Pro or Ableton. This project is unmastered and uses stock plugins and a couple of free plugins to show you how much can be made with the bare essentials without the need to acquire hundreds or thousands of pounds worth of plugins and equipment.

Built for generating ideas and giving a head start on the production process. I do not condone using the project as it is for release but you can use it to build your own uplifting trance builds.

Using High Quality Presets from my Uplifting Collection designed are use throughout and design for  specifically for Uplifting trance production. You can check out the collection here:

Which project do I need? There is a choice of 3 projects that are identical but for the DAW that you use. I cannot accommodate all DAW’s but I have included the one I use in my own work.

Please note, this pack is available in the Uplifting Collection, any duplicate purchases are non-refundable.

What’s Included:

  • Project for the DAW of your choice. [Ableton, Cubase & Logic Pro]
  • Presets used in the projects
  • Samples used in the projects
  • Full track composition and arrangement
  • FX Chains used throughout the project


Software Compatibility & RequirementsNote: 

  • Created and test using Cubase, Ableton Standard 11.3.25, Logic Pro 11.0.0
  • Vital 1.5.5 (free download from Vital website)
  • Tal-Filter 2 (Free)

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