Access Virus C Atmospheres & Samples


Welcome to Virus C Atmospheres & Samples pack featuring atmospheres create using the Access Virus C in combination with the Hologram Microcosm effects pedal. And Samples of Access Virus C waveforms including detuned various for those huge supersets.  This partnership of hardware helped me to develop unique and awe inspiring atmospheric textures to accompany any electronic music production.

You will find some track inspiring sequences to huge textures just begging to be used in epic breakdowns in electronic music productions. All samples in this pack are in the key or A minor featuring either the root note only or an A minor chord which is a great starting point for a lot of Trance production with A minor being a popular choice.

Also included are samples of Virus C hardware Raw waveforms and variations using the Virus’s built in wave shaping tools. As a a bonus I have also included various detuned saws so you can experience the power of the Virus C in your studio.


What is the Access Virus C ?

The Access Virus C is a hardware synthesiser from 2002. Widely used in dance music genres such as trance, house and hardcore.

What is an Atmosphere?

Atmospheres are best described as tonal and textured sounds. Usually derived from using pad and leads sounds with effects such as reverb and delay. Great for background layers to accompany any music production project. These type of samples suit modern electronic music right through to cinematic and ambient ideas.

Can I use these Samples in Serum or Vital?

You can use the waveform samples in any synth that can import external samples. Synths such as Serum & Vital can use my waveform samples.


Included in this pack:

25 Unique Atmosphere Samples

18 Access Virus C Waveform Samples