Vital Trance Arpeggios & Sequences

These preset are pre programmed arpeggios and sequences. They are designed to play the sequence by holding a single key.

Vital Trance Arpeggios & Sequences is my collection of 20 unique presets perfect creating new ideas or blending into to an existing mix. Each preset has its own character and can be played in a variety of keys to suit your workflow and spark that next idea.

Each arpeggio and sequence preset uses all 4 macros for extensive control over the layers, timbre and texture of each preset. Each preset has the option to turn off reverb and delay using the last macro to give you swift control for adding your own 3rd party FX chains in the DAW. The mod wheel controls the filter portion in each preset to make preset hopping swift, giving you a quick overview of the sound in both states.

Finally each preset comes accompanied with midi stems so you can use the same ideas but with your own presets and work great with any of my pluck and lead preset packs available.


This pack includes:

  • 10 Trance Arpeggios
  • 10 Trance Sequences
  • 20 Midi Stems as programmed into Vital as featured in the audio demo


*Please Note*

This pack was built using Vital version 1.5.5, please ensure you have the latest version before purchasing this pack. I cannot guarantee this will work on versions prior to 1.5.5