Complete Vital Uplifting Trance Collection

Welcome to the Complete Collection of Uplifting Vital Banks, Midi Stems and DAW Templates.

  • 120 presets to start making uplifting trance with one of the best free synths you can get your hands on
  • 90 midi stems for each pack which usually retail at an extra £2.00 per pack giving you a saving of £10

This pack give you the ability to start make high quality uplifting trance within minutes of loading these presets.

Please note, these packs are available as separate products and duplicate purchases are non-refundable.

Leads deliver huge and clear cut energy into melodies and arpeggios, a perfect match for Uplifting Plucks. Each Lead, Pluck and Pad have been designed to work together with ease so you can mix and match into any combo. Listen to Audio Demo

Plucks are sharp and great for layering with Uplifting Leads for huge melody and arpeggio creation. Each Lead, Pluck and Pad have been designed to work together with ease so you can mix and match into any combo. Listen to Audio Demo

Basses are potent and full of energy especially combined with the midi stems included to a powerful start to any trance build. Whether you need a sub, rolling or mid bass this pack gives you the necessary sound designs to get you making driving trance in seconds. Listen to Audio Demo

Acids are designed to suit energy trance tracks and even support mid bass layers to layer in more energy and ear candy in to the mix. 10 presets in the acid collection are pre sequenced so all you need do is hold the key and here the magic. Listen to Audio Demo

Pads are the collection of sounds that add that breakdown magic and that high energy when layers with the leads and plucks in the drop. Everything you need to get started is in this pack for those memorable trance breaks. Listen to Audio Demo

Effects are designed to give you access to the simplest but most effective SFX for transition in trance. Each macro control gives you the chance to tweaks the sounds even with out sound design knowledge. Comes with 20 Audio Stems for quick and easy drag and drop into your project. Listen to Audio Demo

Uplifting Trance Project Template includes a full track for you to pull apart and see how trance is made using only my presets from the Uplifting Collection. You can choose between a project for either Cubase, Logic Pro or Ableton to give you flexibility for your own DAW choice. Listen to Audio Demo

Each project has a drum track that is left in place with the relevant drum samples named


Included in the Uplifting Collection: 120 presets, 90 Midi Stems & 20 Effect Audio Stems


Uplifting Leads – 20 Vital Presets + 20 Midi Stems

Uplifting Plucks – 20 Vital Presets + 20 Midi Stems

Uplifting Pads – 20 Vital Presets + 20 Midi Stems

Uplifting Basses – 20 Vital Presets + 20 Midi Stems

Uplifting Acids – 20 Vital Presets + 10 Midi Stems

Uplifting Effects – 20 Vital Presets + 20 Audio Stems

x1 Uplifting Trance Project of your choice in Cubase, Ableton & Logic (requires free plugins such as Tal-Filter 2)


Software Compatibility Note:

All Vital Presets were made and tested using Vital 1.5.5 (free to all users including users using a free copy of Vital)

Projects were made with Cubase, Logic Pro 11.0.0, Ableton 11.3.25

Software for projects needed: Vital 1.5.5, Tal-Filter 2

Original price was: £96.70.Current price is: £59.70.