Vital Uplifting Trance Plucks

Uplifting Trance Plucks for Vital contain 20 high quality presets designed specifically for uplifting and soaring trance riffs and arpeggios. This sound bank has been made to work hand in hand with Vital Uplifting Leads.

Suitable for various trance styles, with all presets being carefully designed for easily creating that trance energy. Each preset has full Macro and ModWheel functionality for easy on the fly tweaking

High Quality Presets designed with layering in mind with different textures, tones and power, this works well for taking guesswork out of choosing your Pluck layers mid production. All presets work well with arpeggios with control over the filter envelopes, EQ control and filter sweeping using macros controls.

What is Vital? Vital is a free synthesiser with very similar workflow to Serum. Having the ability to make high quality presets literally for free is a total reason to use this amazing synth in your projects.

Please note, this pack is available in the Uplifting Collection, any duplicate purchases are non-refundable.


All preset have the following Macro controls:

  • Filter Envelope Mix
  • EQ Low Cut
  • Dry Signal On/Off (turn off reverb and delay quickly)
  • Plus Modwheel controls the filter position


Included in this pack (depending on choice at checkout)

20 Uplifting Plucks + 20 Midi Stems


Software Compatibility Note:

Please ensure you are using the latest version of Vital 1.5.5 for these presets to work correctly. The pack was made and tested with version 1.5.5