Absolutely Vital Black Friday Bundle

Grab all the essential vital banks in one place for a great deal in my main sale of the year…Black Friday ????

Packs includes 80 Presets:

  • Vital Trance Pads | 20 Presets
  • Vital Trance Bass | 20 Presets
  • Vital Trance Plucks | 20 Presets
  • Vital Trance Leads | 20 Presets

Each pack in the collection features high quality crafted presets geared towards trance but are not limited to one music style. All presets feature full macro support for total control over your sound to best fit you workflow and tracks. The mod wheel controls the filter position which is great for preset hopping and testing the closed and open filter positions quickly.

Whether you are want to create music from scratch or simply take a single preset to finish your mix, my Vital collection has you covered.


*Please Note:

All presets were built and tested in Vital 1.5.5, please ensure you are upto date with the latest version of Vital